One of the hallmarks of Speegle Construction is that it stands behind every project which it builds.  As is often the case, the customer seldom remembers how we started but instead focuses on how we finished and more importantly, how we took care of any problems that were encountered after the project was completed.  In order to ensure that our Customer’s memory remains favorable, Speegle strives to provide prompt and efficient warranty service.  Speegle’s standard warranty is one year from date of substantial completion for all items not covered by extended warranties.  Longer warranties may apply when required by the contract or when offered by the manufacturer (e.g., standing seam metal roofs and compressors).  Speegle fully expects that its subcontractors and vendors will embrace the same commitment to promptly respond to all warranty calls.  The links to the right contain a Sample Warranty Statement and standard Warranty Response Times based on type of warranty call.  Subcontractors doing business with Speegle will be required to meet these requirements.